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Welcome to your new neighborhood. The hood pretends to be a social tool, empowering communities to a whole new level of resilience. Giving to each user a sense of connection with his community, by sharing abundance with those who value it most. In the heart of our own communities lies the source of our daily needs. When we promote our own skills and put our selfs ready to participate, we stretch new bonds beyond the walls of our homes, engaging with the other in a new partnership. We pretend to serve, by giving you the space and time that you deserve. Do it, show it and we will support it. Connecting with the persons around you, in your neighborhood or town, we establish a network of events and home made services, available to us at any given time, where is most needed. Realising that poverty is based on the lack of support, affecting the whole community as an example of injustice, is primordial for our organization to tackle all its sensitive issues. By enhancing interactions and set the right conditions that allow us to take care of one another, so that the problems of today do not chase us tomorrow. We hope this tool would be a step forward in this path that keep us human.

One for all and all for one community